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The Importance Of Video In Your Marketing Strategy

Video is the fastest growing marketing tool in the digital world today. With the explosion of YouTube, Facebook Live, Tik Tok, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat, it’s become top priority for marketers across all industries to incorporate video content into their marketing strategy.

While video has become increasingly popular for its effectiveness in converting viewers into customers, it is also one of the hardest types of content to produce. Before you commit to video marketing, it’s important to understand exactly what makes video an effective marketing tool and how the proper strategy can build your brand.

Why is video so effective in marketing?

While traditional marketing focuses on making the ‘sale’, consumers today are harder to sell to simply because information is readily available at their fingertips. A quick Google search or a browse through a company’s social media account allow consumers to find the best products and services on the market. 

Instead, marketers in this digital age need to approach their audience with a value-based offer. Videos provide customers an in-depth, interactive, and engaging way to see a product or service in action. When videos are done with an influencer, educator, or coach, the feel of the face-to-face interaction boosts brand trust significantly.

Why use video in your marketing?

As search engines, social media platforms, and consumers continue to value video over any other type of content, it becomes harder for businesses to ignore the trend. If you’re not using video marketing yet, the reality is - you might not be hitting your full revenue potential. 

Businesses need to plug video into their content in order to remain competitive, mainly for the reason that search engines categorize video as high-quality content. Your website is 53 times more likely to rank first on Google with video. Additionally, social media platforms like Facebook push video content at the top of the feed. Competitors in your industry that have a proper video marketing strategy are already ten steps ahead. 

How to optimize your reach and sales using video marketing.

An effective marketing strategy utilizes video as a tool not only to inform and entertain, but to guide the audience into a sales funnel with a strong call to action. With high-quality content, your audience might not even be aware that they are being “sold to” because of the value that you provide in your video. 

While there are many ways to create video content, including Facebook and Instagram lives, entertaining TikTok videos, and quick Snapchats, we’ll focus on YouTube as an example of how you can optimize your reach and increase your sales with video.

The first thing to keep in mind is that YouTube is a search engine and content needs to be created with the proper SEO research to be effective including title, tags, and description. To rank higher within YouTube’s platform, some questions to ask yourself before uploading a YouTube video are:

    • What is your ideal audience searching for?
    • What solutions can you provide? 
    • What are your competitors currently talking about?

With the above information, you’re able to give your audience value in your video and encourage them to download or click on your lead magnet. An effective lead magnet is usually a free resource that adds viewers into your email list. From there, you can continue to nurture your audience to build your know-like-trust factor and show up in their search results until they are ready to buy your product or service.

The impact of video marketing.

According to Social Media Today, 90% of consumers claim a video will help them make a purchasing decision. Wyzowl claims that 74% of people who watch a product in action will buy it. These are just two impressive statistics that showcase the impact of using video in your marketing strategy.

In addition to boosting conversion, video is a powerful tool to increase your brand’s visibility, awareness, and trust. In a digital era that can be impersonal, viewers are craving connection, meaningful context, and value. The more your audience feels connected with you and the purpose of your business, the more likely they are to become loyal customers.

Key Takeaways

Video marketing creates what we call long form content, which increases our findability on Google. 

Humans crave connection. Utilizing video marketing is one of the best ways to connect your audience to your brand while building trust. We used to do business with businesses, but nowadays we want to do business with humans. 

Let’s humanize your marketing process today.

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Richard Walsh

Article by Richard Walsh

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