Digital marketing strategy and website design fuels your business growth

What does it look like to have a local author, coach, and speaker reach audiences beyond her city limits?

While leading with her purpose and putting the right plan in place with a little help from a flock of experts (chirp!), Connie Jakab has been able to serve her message for Hope to over seven provinces, 200 schools and over 100 families.


Chirp has coached me through my buyers personas, so I can really target my market. They've taught me how to leverage my social media, and they walk with you step-by-step and I can see already the results. 

Connie Jakab, Founder The Jakab Co.

The results? Connie has seen an 121% increase in traffic, 230 more leads, and 1217 monthly readers on her website’s blog.

By implementing an agile marketing strategy that grows as you do, supported by SMART goals that provide reliable ROI, your business will start to see the sales you’ve been waiting for and gain the recognition you’ve been wishing for.

You Want Your Audience to Become Advocates

So who is your audience? If we can imagine your perfect customer for a moment, you’ll likely brainstorm a devoted fan that has been positively impacted by your products or services.

You can recognize their brand loyalty through the way they connect with your business and share about the difference your products or services has made for them. These are the advocates who are shouting from the timelines of every social channel, the real people whose trust you’ve earned and hearts you won.

But to get there, your brand worked to provide a seamless experience through multiple touchpoints to serve solutions to your audience’s problems and concerns. Through online marketing, you are able to provide a complete Customer Experience Journey from Awareness to Action, allowing you to deliver key messages every step of the way, from search to sale.

From the first impression of your website design to the latest download of your company’s newest e-book, online marketing services allow you to nurture the leads your business is striving to convert. With complementary services such as content creation, you can provide a memorable experience for your audience by providing value along the way, ultimately turning your fans and followers into ambassadors ready to advocate on behalf of your brand.

You Want Your Goals to Drive Growth

How does online marketing serve your bottomline? By scaling your business with tangible and timely results that drive the necessary growth to build your brand beyond the storefront.

The businesses who rise to the top have goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound guiding their growth. With online marketing services like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to increase your Search Visibility or digital advertising to attract untapped audiences, goal-setting is vital to measure the success of your impact and the effectiveness of your delivery.

For us, we support clients in crafting calculated results that improve your business performance and help build community around the common goals your organization serves. By doing so, your brand can build its foundation from profitable planning and position your products or services using the right digital tactics and tools that connect and convert with your customers.

The key to the success of your business’ growth is inside goal-oriented online marketing solutions that excite and inspire not only your audience, but your organization.

You Want Your Strategy to Support Your Sales

Where does strategy come into play when your business is struggling for sales? It starts by evaluating where your audience is online and why.

Through online marketing, you have the opportunity to be the top of mind choice for your consumers. We know when a brand is positioned with its core purpose, that connects and resonates with your audience on an emotional level, businesses are able to breakdown common purchase objections and overcome buyer’s remorse.

When your business implements an omni-channel marketing strategy, your brand reaches new customers through effective lead generation pathways and intuitive purchasing behaviours that take the guessing out of the equation. With the right strategy in place, your business will see the sales it’s been searching for.

We believe a successful strategy has the ability to not only boost sales, but create marketable moments that will remain memorable in the minds of your biggest fans.

What Our Clients Say

Team was great to work with, and patient through multiple rounds of website feedback. Our team is so pleased with the final result.

Photo of Michelle Stern-Buchnea
Michelle Stern-Buchnea Senior B2B Marketing Manager Wattpad

Has helped me out of sticky situations with demanding clients more times than I like to admit. I've yet to throw them a ball they can't hit out of the park for us.

Photo of Tony Dowling
Tony Dowling Co-Founder Real Inbound

Chirp's team has demonstrated over and over that they are helpful, responsive and accountable to get campaigns out and measure results.

Photo of Claudia Moore
Claudia Moore Co-owner Material Insight

Chirp has helped us see a return on our Hubspot investment quickly and beyond our expectations...which were very high.

Photo of Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer CEO Pure Bookkeeping North America

One of the best teams I’ve worked with to date.

Photo of Ansar Qureshi
Ansar Qureshi CEO Clear Solutions Technology

Working with Chirp is like having a partner who is invested in your success and that you have it while living a fulfilled fun-filled life.

Photo of Melanie Taylor
Melanie Taylor Owner Life of Wellness Institute

I’ve never learned so much when working with a vendor, and the team at Chirp continues to educate and empower us.

Photo of Phil Doublet
Phil Doublet Principal Consultant & Business Coach Entrepreneur Evolution Coaching

We appreciate the quick response to our team's many requests, and look forward to evolving our web presence with Chirp!

Photo of Chris Caso-Rohland
Chris Caso-Rohland Owner, President MICA Controls, Ltd.

Chirp was able to help me identify my goals, my values, and a whole brand that truly represents me and my values.

Photo of Lesley McNamara
Lesley McNamara CPA L.E. McNamara, CPA, CGA

I feel like I am working alongside a team of people who care just as much about the success of my business as I do.

Photo of Matt Landsiedel
Matt Landsiedel President Matt Landsiedel Coaching

They walk with you step-by-step and I can already see the results.

Photo of Connie Jakab
Connie Jakab Owner The Jakab Co

Chirp Media has been a vital part of Censea Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Photo of Jennifer Walsh-Dienes
Jennifer Walsh-Dienes President Censea Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Outstanding service and fairly priced.

Photo of Paul Farrar
Paul Farrar General Manager Keystone Exteriors

He is incredibly knowledgeable and really cares about his clients.

Photo of Michael Lindenbach
Michael Lindenbach Founder Biz-Assist

Chirp Media's extensive experience with UX design standards coupled with their expertise using Agile positioned us well for success.

Photo of Lisa Sombach
Lisa Sombach Systems Team Leader, Information Technology Services Calgary Catholic School District

Instrumental in the design and development of our Order Management System

Photo of Domenic Venturo
Domenic Venturo Director The DATA Group of Companies

Not only did Chirp Media aid in us in our design pieces, but they became part of our team.

Photo of Brad Watson-Davelaar
Brad Watson-Davelaar Founder Run for Crohns