We are in the Service of Creating Conversations and Sharing Your Story

Think of one brand you can not live without. One that made such an impression on you, that you consistently come back to buy their product or service again and again.

You might think of industry moguls who set the bar and inspired you to get into business in the first place. Maybe they’re the Nikes of the world or perhaps the tech giants, like Apple or Microsoft, that stood for something remarkable and memorable.

At Chirp, we knew we wanted to do things differently. We recognized that these successful cult-like brands had something in common and it was rooted in their DNA, through the Purpose and Vision of their founders.

Your next big thing is more than the business itself. Everyone is selling something, but what are you sharing? Who are you serving? How are you helping to create those memorable moments, that even you felt once or twice when you found that brand you could not live without?

That’s what when we decided what we wanted to do. That these are the stories we wanted to tell.

And how we achieve that is through building brands beyond a mere mark, by creating conversations through marketing that mesmerizes, and integrated applications that serve not only your customers, but your company culture.

Your Brand is more than a logo; It’s the Truth that Tells Your Tale

When you hear the word ‘brand’, an assortment of images, colours, shapes, and words might come to mind. As marketers, we work with clients to debunk this common conception that your brand is just a logo.

Our team helps businesses uncover their "why" in their business in order to create the foundation for a brand to emerge. By discovering your business’ core Vision and Mission, you can begin to distinguish your brand from your competitors and for your customers.

A brand is rooted within your own truth; your story. Take Apple’s late CEO, Tim Cook, for example. The visionary for the billion-dollar company had a dream to make a mark in the software and technology sector. In Apple’s 2009 Mission and Vision Statement, Cook stated that the Apple brand was clearly committed to serving their users.

Apple’s mission is about bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services...We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that's not changing.

By leading your brand development with a purpose-filled foundation, your business can create a memorable experience for your customers and competitors that creates recognition, loyalty, and ambassadorship.

Our team can help your business tell that tale and uncover the elements that will fundamentally build your brand from the ground up and guide your growth.

Your Message is more than a Broadcast; It’s the Opportunity to Create Conversations with Your Customers

Between being bombarded with online advertisements and click-bait centric content, internet users are becoming fatigued and frustrated by brands who broadcast irrelevant and impersonal marketing efforts.

On the other end of the spectrum, notable brands that might catch the consumer eye in the social scroll-economy are likely the ones that create a context for the audience to connect.

While Chirp has been in the marketing machine for over a decade, our team has helped our clients make a difference with their online marketing by creating conversations that their consumers can genuinely connect with.

By utilizing a multi-faceted approach through omni-channel strategies and tactics, online marketing is the simplest way to get in front of your customers, without all the distractions and noise of interruptive advertising.

Through Chirp’s online marketing, we will support you in getting to know your audience, goals, and strategy to build a funnel for two-way communication that ultimately creates not only the connections your brand can nurture, but the conversions your sales are striving for.

Your Communication is more than a One-way Street, It’s the Way You Engage and Excite Your Community

Communication is key to your brand’s success. We have seen the greatest brands that consistently connect with their customers concerns and comments online are the ones that are able to build an authentic authority online.

The secret to their success is connected to their ability to use integrated application development to create community among their customers and company culture.

Chirp understands that communication is more than just a one-way street; it is derived from effectively communicating through the right tools to optimize response rates, improve engagement, and cultivate community.

Your business is built on communication with your community - both internally and externally. Automated applications can serve your brand to keep your conversations in sync and show your customers your commitment to provide solutions and storytelling along the way. In addition, our application development will result in increased productivity and employee moral for your organization.

Every application is customized to your culture and communication needs to support your brand.

What Our Clients Say

Team was great to work with, and patient through multiple rounds of website feedback. Our team is so pleased with the final result.

Photo of Michelle Stern-Buchnea
Michelle Stern-Buchnea Senior B2B Marketing Manager Wattpad

Has helped me out of sticky situations with demanding clients more times than I like to admit. I've yet to throw them a ball they can't hit out of the park for us.

Photo of Tony Dowling
Tony Dowling Co-Founder Real Inbound

Chirp's team has demonstrated over and over that they are helpful, responsive and accountable to get campaigns out and measure results.

Photo of Claudia Moore
Claudia Moore Co-owner Material Insight

Chirp has helped us see a return on our Hubspot investment quickly and beyond our expectations...which were very high.

Photo of Michael Palmer
Michael Palmer CEO Pure Bookkeeping North America

One of the best teams I’ve worked with to date.

Photo of Ansar Qureshi
Ansar Qureshi CEO Clear Solutions Technology

Working with Chirp is like having a partner who is invested in your success and that you have it while living a fulfilled fun-filled life.

Photo of Melanie Taylor
Melanie Taylor Owner Life of Wellness Institute

I’ve never learned so much when working with a vendor, and the team at Chirp continues to educate and empower us.

Photo of Phil Doublet
Phil Doublet Principal Consultant & Business Coach Entrepreneur Evolution Coaching

We appreciate the quick response to our team's many requests, and look forward to evolving our web presence with Chirp!

Photo of Chris Caso-Rohland
Chris Caso-Rohland Owner, President MICA Controls, Ltd.

Chirp was able to help me identify my goals, my values, and a whole brand that truly represents me and my values.

Photo of Lesley McNamara
Lesley McNamara CPA L.E. McNamara, CPA, CGA

I feel like I am working alongside a team of people who care just as much about the success of my business as I do.

Photo of Matt Landsiedel
Matt Landsiedel President Matt Landsiedel Coaching

They walk with you step-by-step and I can already see the results.

Photo of Connie Jakab
Connie Jakab Owner The Jakab Co

Chirp Media has been a vital part of Censea Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Photo of Jennifer Walsh-Dienes
Jennifer Walsh-Dienes President Censea Bookkeeping & Business Solutions

Outstanding service and fairly priced.

Photo of Paul Farrar
Paul Farrar General Manager Keystone Exteriors

He is incredibly knowledgeable and really cares about his clients.

Photo of Michael Lindenbach
Michael Lindenbach Founder Biz-Assist

Chirp Media's extensive experience with UX design standards coupled with their expertise using Agile positioned us well for success.

Photo of Lisa Sombach
Lisa Sombach Systems Team Leader, Information Technology Services Calgary Catholic School District

Instrumental in the design and development of our Order Management System

Photo of Domenic Venturo
Domenic Venturo Director The DATA Group of Companies

Not only did Chirp Media aid in us in our design pieces, but they became part of our team.

Photo of Brad Watson-Davelaar
Brad Watson-Davelaar Founder Run for Crohns