More than a logo.

Stand out against your competitors, establish your voice, and create engagement. Great branding tells a story, and your story deserves to be told.

Define Your Voice

More than a website.

Grow your business online, achieve your marketing goals, and transform your business. A simple website doesn’t cut it anymore, start with a strategy that works.

Improve Your Website

More than an app.

Increase the interaction of your customers and create brand loyalty. Create engagement on a whole new level with a mobile application for your business.

Delight Your Customers

Ditch your brochure website and the massive marketing budget.

We collaborate with your business to understand what makes it tick, determine your marketing goals, and design a program that actively drives lead conversion, brand awareness, and community engagement.

We empower your team to handle your online marketing needs in-house, so you’re investing your revenue back into your company, where it should be, not in our pockets.

Our Story

Discover Community.

You don’t have to go it alone. We believe in the power of community, and each one of our clients contributes in their own unique way. Our contribution is to continuously look for alignment between our clients, and leverage those relationships to help each other and your clients grow.

Be empowered.

We don’t want you forever, we want to see you succeed. Through a series of Empowerment Workshops that enable you to take on your own marketing objectives. You will become skilled in all the tools, best practices and strategies that we use daily.

With over 15 Empowerment Workshops, consider Chirp Media as your marketing partner, not your marketing provider.

Empower Yourself


Experience growth.

Through our transformative process, you will see growth in your business and yourself. Discover what makes your business tick and align your business goals to your values.

We guide you in creating a Growth Marketing Mindset, support you in tapping into your hidden potential, and discover your blind spots that hold your business back. Don’t worry, we’re on this journey with you.

Start Growing

What Our Client Say

Outstanding service and fairly priced.

Photo of Paul Farrar
Paul Farrar General Manager Keystone Exteriors

He is incredibly knowledgeable and really cares about his clients.

Photo of Michael Lindenbach
Michael Lindenbach Founder Biz-Assist

Instrumental in the design and development of our Order Management System

Photo of Domenic Venturo
Domenic Venturo Director The DATA Group of Companies

Chirp Media's extensive experience with UX design standards coupled with their expertise using Agile positioned us well for success.

Photo of Lisa Sombach
Lisa Sombach Systems Team Leader, Information Technology Services Calgary Catholic School District

Not only did Chirp Media aid in us in our design pieces, but they became part of our team.

Photo of Brad Watson-Davelaar
Brad Watson-Davelaar Founder Run for Crohns