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Brand Development

Branding helps your business be admired, remembered, and preferred.

It shouldn’t be about products. It should be about experiences.

Coca-Cola is more than a soda. Starbucks is more than a coffee. Guinness is more than a lovely crafted stout. Each of these mega brands are more than the products they sell.

Their brands represent an experience – an experience you remember every time you interact with their product.

As a business, your brand is arguably your most important asset. It gives you an identity, helps you be remembered, and creates a consistent message for your marketing and advertising initiatives.

You want people talking about your brand.

Have you ever heard people refer to themselves as Apple, Nike, or Pepsi “people”?

This is what brand awareness and positioning can do for your brand. You can embed your brand into your customer’s lifestyles and purchasing habits, such that it becomes second nature for them to purchase your product or service over your competitor’s.

We refer to this process as brand positioning. We develop brands that create a lasting connection.

You want to attract new prospects to your brand.

A brand narrative is essential to an effective brand strategy. There’s a reason we connect with stories. History shows us that stories have helped us build connection and understanding.

You need to dig into the minds and hearts of the people who are driving your business and products to market before crafting your brand’s DNA.

Ultimately, you need to determine what your brand’s vision, mission, and purpose is. By determining why your brand is great, you can shape an effective narrative.

You want a brand that is visually appealing.

Your brand needs to be visually appealing. It needs to elicit an emotional response and it needs to be consistent across all channels.

Visual identity is more than your logo, or how pretty you make your brand – it needs to be on purpose. A visual identity should be flexible, comprehensive, and intuitive. It’s a living, breathing entity and it grows with your organization.

Think about the imagery you are using – the fonts, the colors. All these items make up your brand’s visual identity and how your prospects connect with it.

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