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Email Marketing: Is It Still Effective In 2020?

3 minute read

Email is one of the oldest marketing tools, yet it remains one of the most effective and relevant mediums today. While many professionals will argue that email marketing is on a down-slope as a result of the growth of social media marketing, the...

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What Are The Best Sales Techniques?

3 minute read

For many, selling has a bad rep. The word ‘salesperson’ automatically brings up thoughts of the sleazy car salesman selling a vehicle for much more than it’s worth, or the telemarketer interrupting dinner to sell the next line of luxury kitchenware.

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What Is Inbound Marketing And Why Do You Need It?

4 minute read

Consumers today are more empowered. With information in the palm of their hands, a potential customer can access reviews, details, and fair pricing about products and services before making the purchase. The internet provides buyers the ability to...

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The Importance Of Video In Your Marketing Strategy

3 minute read

Video is the fastest growing marketing tool in the digital world today. With the explosion of YouTube, Facebook Live, Tik Tok, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat, it’s become top priority for marketers across all industries to incorporate video content...

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