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Does My Business Need Online Marketing?

What does online marketing mean for your business?

If you’re new to integrating digital into your marketing strategy, you might not be sure what online marketing might look like for your brand and what the Return on Investment will be.

The truth is digital adoption is rising and more and more consumers are using technology and the internet to educate themselves on their buying decisions.

So if you’re sitting there wondering, ‘Does my business need online marketing?’ - the answer likely points to yes.

Online Marketing and Inbound Marketing in particular has a vast array of benefits for your business.

And in this article, you’ll discover why your business needs some level of online marketing to make an impact with your consumers.

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Why Traditional Marketing As a Stand-Alone Is No Longer Effective

If you were born any time before the early 90’s, you probably remember the time and energy it would take you to make a major purchase decision.

The information you’d typically seek out was not as easily available by the click of a button as it is with today’s modern technology.

You’d have to put in the work to research about the product or service you were seeking. And on top of it all, often you’d be putting your trust into a salesperson to provide you with accurate information.

The buying journey was very simple then but your options were limited and brands didn’t always have the consumers’ best interest in mind.

Along with billboards, newspaper ads, and other traditional print marketing, consumers had very little access to the full spectrum of information to inform their purchasing decision. The other caveat of all these traditional marketing methods is that they do not allow two-way communication.

Once digital adoption came into the marketplace, everything shifted and consumers began present to the power they truly held at the end of the day: choice.

Take search engine leader, Google for example.

Google alone receives ‘over 63,000 searches on any given day’.

Consumers no longer have to scramble through yellow pages or flyers to find their product. They have instant access to educate and inform their purchasing decisions through search tools, social media platforms, and popular blogs and forums.

These are just a few types of online marketing that has allowed consumers to research and communicate directly with the brands and businesses they have chosen to purchase from.

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How Online Marketing Improves and Elevates Your Business Growth

The transition to digital can be daunting to some, but when you work with an agency such as Chirp Media, we work with you to make sure you feel empowered in your decision to use online marketing.

Your business can grow beyond the capacity of what traditional marketing could deliver through a few simple avenues of online marketing made more accessible and affordable than ever.

Online marketing provides a variety of layers to your consumers’ Buying Journeys, that can provide a more holistic customer experience that will in turn build greater brand awareness, nurture customer loyalty and increase your overall sales.

The reason Online Marketing is so effective is because the types of tactics and tools used provide consumers with a more personalized experience, tailoring options to their needs and allowing two-way communication to be accessible every step of the journey.

We chose our top three Online Marketing tools or types that we use with our clients at Chirp Media that have proven to:

  • Increase customer engagement
  • Boost audience reach
  • And improve brand visibility

Types of Online Marketing

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When to Make the Move to Online Marketing

If you're still on the fence about embracing online marketing for your business, consider the last time you decided to make a purchase online:

  • Was it out of convenience?
  • Was it because you wanted to know more about what you were buying?
  • Or was it because you simply loved a good story the brand was sharing with you?

Whatever the motivation, it worked and that’s how your business can benefit from online marketing too.

Online marketing makes things simpler for you serve solutions to your consumers. With the right team to guide and empower you along the way, you can create a full-proof plan to fortify your brand and business to get the engagement and sales you’ve been searching for. Scale your business with online marketing today. Start with our [FREE] marketing assessment here.

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Article by Richard Walsh

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