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Our Values

Our award-winning agency was built on our core values and our commitment to making memories.

In the service of creating memorable experiences for our clients, our three core values drive our everyday operations and execution.

Through Community, Empowerment, and Growth, we have been able to harness purpose-driven marketing and digital expertise to support the expansion of Chirp Media Inc. in the pursuit of our Mission and Vision.

Chirp Media was created to serve sustainable digital solutions that can support businesses to scale with the support they can count on, without crippling costs.

We know that in order to be of service to our clients, we will aim to create an environment internally and externally that allows for our best selves to flourish and focus on what matters most to us.

We believe in cultivating connections through Community.

We understand that it takes a village to push the needle forward on holistic marketing efforts. Through our Community Pillar, we come together with our Preferred Partners to form better marketability between businesses.

Some of our partnerships include our Gold Certified Agency Partner through HubSpot and WP our Engine Partner. But more importantly, we establish partnerships with every client and their initiatives as we help guide and grow with them.

Not only do we demonstrate our Community value through our Partnerships, but by giving back through our on-going volunteer Initiatives.

Our current Volunteer Initiatives include:

  • National Hope Talks is one of our volunteer partnerships which is an initiative that hosts a series of mental health talks to establish awareness and support for those struggling with their mental well being.
  • HomefreeYYC is another organization in its early stages that is aimed to help those less fortunate find homes and live a life they love.
  • The Brain Train is a men’s mental health community that our Founder, Richard Walsh, started where men gather and share what’s going on for them, in a place where they feel safe from social judgement. It’s focus is to eliminate the stigma around mental health for men.

We believe in establishing education through Empowerment.

Chirp does things differently by supporting our clients through on-going education to create confidence in their business. Our Empowerment Pillar focuses on informing and educating our clients through multiple resources to remove the middle man in the marketing machine, so you’re not left wondering where and what your ROI is.

We’ve built workshops that give clients immediate actionable tasks to transform the way they work with their marketing. Everything from Content Creation, to Blogging for Lead Generation, these tactically focused workshops can your business to the next level for a fraction of the cost.

In addition, Chirp Media has always been an advocate for value-add content through our online resources such as our Blog, to give your business key industry tips and tricks to keep you ahead of the competition.

By providing clients with opportunities to expand their knowledge, we can create an ecosystem that encourages Empowerment in their organizations to transform their industry.

We believe in successful sustainability through Growth.

In order to achieve your bottom line and scale beyond the status quo, Chirp has always been committed to our Growth Pillar to provide our clients with the right tools and training to succeed in their marketing strategy.

Sales enablement encompasses the tactics our clients are taught and trained to utilize to take on newer, bigger and bolder leads. Through a tried and tested systematic approach, our team at Chirp is able to provide our clients with results-driven tools that target and drive traffic to the right audiences.

Customer service is built for your brand through effective tools and automated processes to help connect your employees to your customers quickly and efficiently. Our team at Chirp can guide your business in the best tools in the trade to transform your response rates, establish brand loyalty and maintain customer retention.

When you’re ready to grow, we’re ready to go. Get started with Chirp today.

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