Creating Buyer Personas

Develop a deeper understanding and connection to your customers

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Crafting Killer Content

Learn how to create content that engages and converts more customers

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Blogging with Purpose

Generate more qualified leads by blogging for your business

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Content Mapping

Discover how to tailor your content to your customer’s buying journey.

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Link Strategy

Breakthrough the barriers to your customer conversions with link building

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Effective Content Promotion

Attract new customers through impactful and effective content promotion

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Social Media Crash Course

In this workshop, you'll learn the basics of designing and implementing a successful social media strategy leveraging all of your social media channels. You will gain insight into how to use and report on your social media analytics, how to successfully set up your profile for lead generation. And, how content can not only be created but repurposed for multiple channels and lead generation efforts.

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30 Days of Social Tips

In this empowerment series, you’ll learn how to effectively set up your social media channels and use social media to create brand advocacy, generate leads for your business, and how to effectively engage with your audience. You will receive an email a day from our team, showcasing the same practices and process we follow at Chirp Media.

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