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Matt Landsiedel, Inspired To Be Authentic

We helped discover an identity for The Gay Man’s Coach.

Chirp Media and Matt Landsiedel worked together to create a transformative program, uncovering the core of his business identity and a sales funnel to better engage with Matt’s large social following. 


Increase in Traffic


More Qualified Leads


New Customers


Matt Landsiedel came from a background of addictions counselling, personal training, to transformational weight loss to finally discovering his calling, stepping into the role of The Gay Man’s coach.

Being anchored in who he is through his personal journey, Matt brings out the real issues that gay men face about shame, sex, and create the space to inspire them to be fully authentic in who they are. 


Matt had already built his product but needed a more efficient way to reach his audience and build stronger relationships with them through his website and social media marketing efforts.

What he needed was a robust sales funnel built within his social media channels and iterative updates to his website backed by analytics and data through our process of Growth-Driven Design.



We took Matt through our Marketing Strategy Empowerment Sessions focused on a customer-centric viewpoint. The intention of these sessions was to develop and build a brand that connects with Matt’s audience, fine tune his niche and messaging so that his customers can feel he understands their challenges and that Matt IS the right solution for them. 
In tandem with the strategy sessions we started our Social Media Coaching Program which optimized his existing profile to capture leads, build out an engagement strategy to qualify who’s a fit, ready to buy, and who’s simply just shopping.
Lastly, we created a process for Matt to do live market research on his audience, so he knows exactly what they want from him and what to deliver. Building an efficient sales funnel right through his social media efforts to increase sales.
The most rewarding part for us at Chirp is to see Matt empowered and now able to execute with poise all the teachings we’ve provided and be consistent in his marketing efforts that continue to grow his business years later. 


The solution at the end of the day was simple.

#1 Evaluate what was working, and what wasn't.

#2 Crete clear and concise messaging that your audience relates to.

#3 Address the challenges.

#4 Make a plan for an iterative approach, that is founded on data.

#5 Build stronger relationships with your audience.

#6 Continue to inspire others to be their authentic selves.

Tools Used



These guys are amazing!

I have had such a positive experience working with Richard and Queenie. They are so personable and I feel like I am working along side a team of people who care just as much about the success of my business as I do. Before working with Chirp Media my business was experiencing success but I had no reason why and I had no clear plan on how to continue and increase that success. With the guidance of Chirp media I went from more of a wing it approach to actually learning about the ins and outs of my business through research and data. I now feel much more confident as a business owner because I feel educated. Thanks guys!

- Matt Landsiedel, Matt Landsiedel Fitness Inc.

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