Learn how to create content that engages and converts more customers

What if your content could share your story more effectively for your brand than simply selling?

Through our empowerment series workshop, Crafting Killer Content, you’ll learn how to create content that utilizes the power of storytelling to communicate your brand’s voice and vision to forge a relationship with your business’ biggest fans, visitors and potential prospects.

Telling your brand’s story is more than what you write on your website, your blog, or even social media. It’s your value and your mission, and how you communicate that consistently to your audience - wherever they are.

By enrolling in Crafting Killer Content, you’ll discover how to:

  • Tap into the power of storytelling vs. social selling
  • Determine what your story is and how to share it with your audience
  • Research what content themes are relevant to your audience
  • Put into practice how to promote your content
  • Repurpose your previously high-performing content

Use your content to create human connection

At the end of the day, when you combine storytelling successfully into your content marketing efforts, you’ll be able to drive home the goal to create a human connection with your customer.

We know as human beings, our minds respond to narrative and for business, storytelling helps create contrast between choices.

One area you’ll explore in this workshop is how to connect your content to your Ideal Buyer Personas to understand the goals and challenges your customer will face.

This will prepare you to use the best practices of storytelling for your content creation which include:

  • Using content to create emotional appeal
  • Being consistent and authentic
  • Keeping the story clear and concise

Once you tap into these skills through our Crafting Killer Content workshop, you’ll begin to learn the steps to cater your content to the Buying Journey.

Our workshop will provide you with the framework to create a seamless customer experience that leaves your prospects feeling appreciated and ultimately, teaching you how to transform them into brand advocates.