Attract new customers through impactful and effective content promotion

Curious in learning how to draw in more qualified customers through social media content?

With the right type of content, placement, and promotion, your business can move to the forefront of your customer’s minds.

In this Empowerment Series workshop, you’ll learn how to maximize your social channels to promote your content creation efforts. Our Effective Content Promotion workshop at Chirp will empower you to:

  • Determine the best channels to use that meet your ideal customer
  • Understand what strategies are effective for each social channel
  • Learn how to implement and execute to keep your content top of mind for your prospect

Uncover How to Get Your Content to the Right Customers

By discovering how to effectively promote your content, you will be able to understand where and how to connect with your customers to drive conversions and conversations.

Within the workshop, we will look at:

  • What tools are available to promote your content across each platform
  • Where to find valuable audience insights to inform your strategy
  • Why content is key to understanding your customer’s interests and buying behaviours

The Effective Content Promotion workshop focuses on how to approach promoting your social content in a holistic and impactful way that addresses your customer pain points, provides value-add takeaways to your audience and offers a clear incentive or action for your customer to interact with.

Increase Engagement Amongst Your Audience

Ultimately you will walk away with the confidence to make informed content promotion decisions and actions that will not only increase sales, but encourage engagement on your social platforms.

At Chirp, we want each participant of our Effective Content Promotion workshop to be able to assess the full scope of their content marketing efforts to nurture the long-game of establishing brand authority.

As you discover the key elements of this workshop, you’ll find that through effective content promotion, your social channels should experience an increase in quality engagement amongst your audience.

Ready to take your content promotion to the next level and convert more customers? Sign-up for Effective Content Promotion today.