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  • App Development for TwigIT Inc.

Chatz is a very unique application, there are a lot of messaging and social network apps out there. When the TwigIT team approached us to help with their UI Design and Website, we thought the concept great and jumped at the opportunity.

Chatz is in it’s simplest form a anonymous conversation platform for the masses. Allowing it’s users to communicate while maintaining their privacy and anonymity. The platform and idea is great! You get to choose how much information you want to share with other users, create custom avatars and plate identifiers. Privacy is their main concern, and we think in today’s market of social communication that is a huge miss with the other platforms out there. Way to go TwigIT!

While the application is still in development, we are working closely with the team to produce stunning visuals for the application.

So be sure to stay tuned to this brief for more updates!

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