Baracuda Landscaping came to us with a unique challenge: their current market, Victoria, was over saturated with DIY landscapers and small start ups; they wanted to rise above the rest, standing out as a unique and interesting service provider. The challenge was to create a brand that meshed with the eclectic/artistic nature that is Victoria to create an identity that felt local.

The solution was to analyze the existing landscaping businesses for brand impact and marketing campaigns. The other objective was to understand the local art and design scene in order to create a a brand that was anchored with Victoria’s local art scene.

The result was a unique, clean design that transferred well between all mediums. The brand that was created for Baracuda is simplistic, using earth tones for it’s colour pallet and playfully adding landscaping elements as it’s anchors.

What Our Clients Say

Outstanding service and fairly priced.

Photo of Paul Farrar
Paul Farrar General Manager Keystone Exteriors

He is incredibly knowledgeable and really cares about his clients.

Photo of Michael Lindenbach
Michael Lindenbach Founder Biz-Assist

Instrumental in the design and development of our Order Management System

Photo of Domenic Venturo
Domenic Venturo Director The DATA Group of Companies

Chirp Media's extensive experience with UX design standards coupled with their expertise using Agile positioned us well for success.

Photo of Lisa Sombach
Lisa Sombach Systems Team Leader, Information Technology Services Calgary Catholic School District

Not only did Chirp Media aid in us in our design pieces, but they became part of our team.

Photo of Brad Watson-Davelaar
Brad Watson-Davelaar Founder Run for Crohns