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The Successful Bookkeeper
Growth-Driven Design + HubSpot Implementation

We transitioned a broken tech stack resulting in a 2x revenue increase.

Chirp Media and The Successful Bookkeeper worked together to transition from a broken tech stack to a single growth platform to scale their marketing and sales efforts.


Increase Organic Traffic


Increase Conversion


Increase Revenue


The Successful Bookkeeper was operating with a broken tech stack, from Infusionsoft to zapier, optinmonster and squarespace. When they wanted to add in landing pages and begin to optimize for conversion, they realized they would have to bring in yet another software to their stack.

As solutions stacked up, they couldn’t even remember what each provider did, who their point of contact was, when their contract was up for a renewal, and so much more.

The whole situation was a distraction from their central mission—and it also ran counter to their own advice to their own customers.


The Successful Bookkeeper needed an easy way to manage their website, make updates, and showcase their large collection of podcast episodes.

They also needed a way to guide prospective buyers through their funnel in a lean and intelligent way that could adapt to where their customers were in their buying journey.

Lastly, they needed a platform to provide customers with access to their educational materials, deals, and free resources.

WordPress to HubSpot CMS Migration
HubMods LMS


There was one core central theme between Chirp's engagement with The Successful Bookkeeper - a partner they can trust. 

They were no strangers to marketing as they were using multiple tools within their tech stack, had funnels built, but there was no alignment between their tools, it lacked optimization. 

We started with sprints, bit by bit, we built the backbone of the tech stack for The Successful Bookkeeper using the power of HubSpot's Growth Suite. And, with each piece we proved ourselves again and again that our team was that trusted partner they had been searching for.

The one that's in your corner, one step ahead, looking out for you in the marketing and tech areas within your business so you can focus on growing your empire.

They weren't looking for someone to "get the job done", what they were hunting for was a trusted partner. 


Our first job was to to tackle their biggest headache, moving from a WordPress + InfusionSoft infrastructure over to HubSpot CMS. This action ALONE (full implementation) increased their organic traffic by over 40% within one quarter. 

Next, was tackling existing database. Information means nothing if you don't know how to leverage your customer's data to your grow your business in revenue. Using this data to create smart call-to-actions and powerful conversion paths, The Successful Bookkeeper saw a 41% increase in conversions. 

Last but perhaps MOST exciting one, the migration from a clunky WordPress LMS to our custom built HubMods LMS integrated directly with HubSpot CRM. The Successful Bookkeeper can now offer compelling personalized content not only to visitors of their website, but now directly to consumers of their educational content.



A True Partner In Our Results

We invested in Hubspot to increase the performance of our sales, marketing and service efforts.

Chirp has helped us see a return on our hubspot investment quickly and beyond our expectations...which were very high.

They're quick, creative and a pleasure to work with..

Michael Palmer – Host, The Successful Bookkeeper Podcast

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