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Connie Jakab, The Jakab Co
Growth-Driven Design + Inbound Marketng

We transformed a parenting coach's inbound strategy resulting in a 10x revenue increase.

Chirp Media and Connie Jakab worked together to create a sustainable and qualified lead generator that included brand building and a digital marketing strategy.


Increase Organic Traffic


Increase Qualified Leads


New Customers


Connie Jakab had been working within the nonprofit sector in Calgary for over two decades, but more recently discovered that she wanted to begin focusing more on helping families.

By providing support for parents, it transforms the family dynamic within each home and creates hope and mental wellness for the whole family.


Connie's niche market is a touchy subject. Not many families want to admit that they are struggling. But the truth is, we have many families all around the world that simply need support to create an environment that works for their own family.

Although Connie had the knowledge in dealing with these families, she did not know how to share OR attract the audience that desperately needed their services.



We took Connie through our LaunchPad program which starts off with six strategy sessions from a customer-centric viewpoint. The intention of these sessions were to help Connie discover her niche, ideal target audience, and messaging that would allow her to generate quality ready-to-buy leads and shorten her sales lifecycle.

Connie's proactive approach allowed for a quick deployment of her LaunchPad Website, so we could begin tracking how visitors interact with her website and make the necessary updates in real-time to optimize her conversion rates. We call this process, Growth-Driven Design.

As we continue to iterate over Connie's new website we are able to be agile and create new opportunities that shorten Connie's sales process and saving her one of the most valuable assets, time

The most rewarding part for us at Chirp, we taught Connie the "how" and empowered her to continue her marketing efforts on her own.


The solution at the end of the day was simple.

#1 Determine the needs

#2 Address the challenges

#3 Find the right tools for the job

#4 Create messaging that builds a connection/relationship

#5 Implement

#6 Continue the process and reiterate to make it better!



Chirp is where it’s at!

I have loved working with Chirp to help me build my website, but they have done so much more.

They have coached me through my buyers' personas to really target my market. They have shown me how to leverage my social media.

They walk with you step-by-step and I can already see the results. If you haven’t been working with Chirp you’re not leveraging your business the way you can. I highly recommend them.

Connie Jakab – Ower, The Jakab 

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